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Les Amis de la Société

Label: Minus Habens (I)
Format: audio cassette-C45
Released: november 1989

tracks :
Le Voleur et le Pistolet (live)
Faction Crédule (live)
Thousand Days (version)
Le Boléro
Equilibre (version)
Shy Society At The Bird Parade (version)
Les Barbares
Rouge, Bleu, Orange (version)

As we were proposed by the Minus Habens label to do a cassette release, we were waiting for our first LP to appear. So we decided to make a kind of compilation with tracks from La Stpo and also some tracks from J, who was one of the guitar players at this time. The two live tracks were recorded in Rennes around 87-88. Both tracks never made it to any album. Le Voleur et le pistolet comes from an original idea of Lucchiano Ninos. Some of the other tracks appear on "Le Combat Occulté" CD. Except Rouge, Bleu, Orange and Avant. (Another version of Avant is to be found on Le Combat Occulté). Le Boléro was a special project : we were asked to contribute to a Ravel's Bolero covers album but never sent our contribution. It is indeed based on the Avant track.

full view of the cassette cover