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Les Explositionnistes

Label: Prikosnovénie (F)
Format: 10 tracks-CD
Catalog : Prik008
Released: December 95

tracks :
DadaMax Stellt Loplop Vor
Un squelette Antique
Le portrait de Dora Maar
Rouge, Bleu, Orange
Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue ?
Au Parc des Avant-Tués
L' Explositionniste
Sarajevo - Stepanakert
Barfüßerkirche in Erfurt

front cover

inside credits


"STPO stands for "La Société des Timides à la parade des Oiseaux". Okay... I think that means "the shy peoples society at the parade of the birds". This six piece French ensemble has been around since the mid-eighties, and operates in the area somewhere between Etron Fou axis and Neo-chamber styles, applying humor, avant-gardisms, ultra high energy theatrics, and a well rounded eclectism. They cover a pretty wide field of material within those realms, using guitars, bass, contrabass, drums, percussions, saxes, mallets and synths, plus a lot of unusual stuff like balafon and viola de gamba. The latter are used when they take on some of the neo-chamber/folk based pieces like "Sarajevo-Stepanakert" or ethnic styles on tracks like "Rouge, Bleu, Orange", which leads into the more RIO styled "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?", where saxes, strings and taped sounds are applied to quieter sections; punctuated by loud, funky bass driven sections supporting aggressive vocal outbursts. Definitely EFL territory, and althrough vocalist Pascal Godjikian is nothing short of excellent in variety of styles, and musicianship is top notch all around, this is still fairly extreme music that is probably more excessive and explorative than most would be comfortable with in their daily musical diet. Still, for those who know this style of music and love it, STPO is the ticket. Recommended for the intrepid explorers, not the Marillion crowd." Peter Thelen-EXPOSE- USA