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Hi, welcome to the La STPO website. I'll try to update it on a regular basis, now !

May : mastering of the live LP.
Its title will be : La STPO in concerts / Wir schwitzen Blumen
It will be released on the Kdb record label. When it is out, infos will follow.

March : final mix of five tracks which will happen as a live LP.
The songs are : I Cuento Blumen, Le Femme Immortel, La Vallée des empreintes, Le Minisme, The Sound of the City seems not to disappear
They were recorded in several locations, including Darmstadt (Germany) and Rennes (F).

Autumn : mastering of the four tracks which will happen on the next CD release :
Offre Spéciale de lancement de la chute, la Vallée des empreintes, 30 000 Fois, Les Liquidaterus.

Summer : Mix of the track "Les Liquidateurs". 29 minutes !
Our lengthiest track to date, but also our most ambitious musically.
I guess I can say, this is the track of a lifetime ...

June 9 :
The concert in Rennes went fantastically great ! We even got an encore, though we had not prepared anything. So we played again a part of our track The Liquidators !

Here are the words from the organiser Philippe Conan (Interzones) sent on the following day :
Vous avez littéralement scotché le public et moi le premier.
C'est la meilleure formule de Timides qu'on a entendue depuis des lustres.L'osmose entre vous était fabuleuse.
Quant à la pièce fleuve qui était dévoilée hier soir : les Liquidateurs, c'est du grand art. J'ai particulièrement apprécié les triturations assez nouvelles et les jeux diantrement complexes entre vous : passages de relais, mélanges de sons, duos, trios, séquences free rock à 5 etc. Le genre de pièce totalement frustrante, parce qu'il faudrait l'écouter 15 fois d'affilée pour y voir un peu clair et comprendre les différents niveaux ! Je t'avouerais que depuis hier soir je n'attends plus qu'une chose : pouvoir la réécouter des quantités de fois en boucle !
La nouvelle machine de guerre des Timides est belle et bien lancée et avec elle vous avez de quoi faire plusieurs fois le tour de la Terre !
Translation :
You really blew us away, starting with me!
This is the best presentation of the Timides (Shy Guys) in ages. The osmosis among all of you was fabulous!
Concerning the flowing piece that was unveiled last evening, The Liquidators, it was Great Art. I especially appreciated the new sounding twists, and the complex playing among all of you : relay passes, sound mixes, duets, trios, sequences of free rock for 5, etc.
This is just the type of musical piece which is totally frustrating because you have to listen 15 times in a row to really see clearly and understand the various levels ! I must confess that since last evening, I can only wait for one thing : to be able to listen once again to your work, but for a number of times without stop !
The new war machine of the Shy Guys (les Timides) is off to a great beginning and you've got enough material to make several world tours !

January-May :
We're working hard on the new set with Sébastien. We will play live in Rennes (F) on the 9th of june (La Bascule).
The set will include :
Son Essentiel and Le Minisme, with the brass parts adapted by Sébastien for the violin.
30 000 Fois, which has been played for the last time in june 2008.
Les Liquidateurs will be played live for the first time. The concert version lasts circa 20 minutes and has been completely reworked with Sébastien.
L'Imparfait, a brand new track, just very shortly completed and not yet recorded in the studio.

Eric Roger has created fantastic trumpet lines to add to some parts of the Liquidators.
This track and 30 000 Fois still need to be mixed in the studio to complete the new album, to be released later this year.

November 19 :
Sébastien Desloges (bass, violin) joins us.
We're very happy to introduce him ! Sébastien has played solo and with lots of bands, including Chapi Chapo. A really nice fellow, and it's a pleasure to have him at our side.

October 29 :
Guillaume Dubreu (bass, cello, trombone) leaves the band.
Guillaume has found a job 500 km away from Rennes. Most unfortunately, he can't go on working with the band. A pity. He will be missed.

October 26-28 :
We are recording two tracks in the studio.
First, 30 000 Fois.
This one had been recorded 4 or 5 years ago, but unfortunately it was deleted during a hard drive crash. A tragic mistake. The personnel on this track included the bass player Benoît Delaune, which is not in the band since 2008. Benoît had created some great bass lines for this. He's agreed to re-work them and he's re-recording the track with the rest of us. Johann Mazé was also on this track and was also ok to come back and re-record his gorgeous trumpet parts.
Second, The Liquidators.
This is our lengthiest track to date, 22 minutes. A very important one about the liquidators of Chernobyl. Two years in the making. This ones features Guillaume Dubreu on bass, cello and trombone. We've booked two days to record it.

January 29 : concert in Nantes (F), Ateliers Bitche
This was organised by Pierre Gordeeff who, among others, played with Matthieu Prual.
Set-list : Son Essentiel, Idol, Le Minisme, Le Femme Immortel, Guayaki, Colonies, Offre Spéciale de Lancement de la Chute
The band had not played in Nantes since 1997.

November 21: Concert in Brest, at the Festival Invisible
We've played sunday november, 21 in Brest (F) in the superb venue, Salle Vauban, as part of the Festival Invisible (other bands included No Means No, Messer Chups, etc.)
Set-list : Son Essentiel, Idol, Le Minisme, Lorsque, Le Femme Immortel, Guayaki, Offre Spéciale de Lancement de la Chute
This was a great concert, with a really cool organisation. Big pleasure.
The day after, this is what the organiser wrote to me :
we're super proud to have invited you. It was such a great moment, a big smash in the face for many, with incredible energy and grace. Thanks to all the members of the band, such nice and talented guys. It was a great edition of the Festival Invisible, from which you'll stay guests of honor for life
And here is what was published in the regional newspaper Ouest-France :
... La Stpo is about to go on stage. Here again, this is huge. Polymorphic vocals, avant-garde poetry and music. It's all happiness here, and very visible.
Well, that's nice, isnt it ?!!!

Concert in Brest, november 21 (Photos from Rémy Talec)

November : the band is back from a four show tour, in Germany, Netherlands and France.
27 october : Würzburg / Cafe Cairo (D)
28 october : Bielefeld / Bunker Ulmenwall (D)
29 october : Venlo / Sound Art Centre (NL)
31 october : Valenciennes / Peniche Igelrock (F)
Set-list of played tracks : Son Essentiel, Idol, La Vallée des Empreintes, Le Minisme, Lorsque, Le Femme Immortel, Guayaki, Colonies, Offre Spéciale de Lancement de la Chute
(Encore : Bogyman).
We're getting now reviews, photos, videos put online by people from the audiences. Merci to them !
From Würzburg, this review in german : Read it here
From Bielefeld, these pictures : See them here.
From Venlo, these videos : View them here and here.
From Valenciennes, two videos in this page : View them here and there.

Concert in Bielefeld, october 28 (Photos from Thomas Weiss)

Concert in Venlo, october 29

Concert in Valenciennes, october 31

La STPO #01 from TrepanBouB on Vimeo.

La STPO #02 from TrepanBouB on Vimeo.

July : the band is in the studio to record the tracks "Corte" and "Offre Spéciale de Lancement de la Chute".
The first one was lost in a crash of the hard-drive of the studio ; so we had to redo it.
Alas another track, "30 000 Fois", was also lost for good.

June 2 : gig in our town, Rennes (F) at Le Jardin Moderne.
The set-list is : Son Essentiel, Le Minisme, La Vallée des Empreintes, Offre Spéciale de Lancement de la Chute, Le Femme Immortel, Lorsque.
This is the first live appearance for "Offre Spéciale".

May : one La Stpo track on the new Antibothis book + CD Compilation .
The track is called "Kiotosmorama" after a painting of the same name from Asger Jorn.
This is a fully remastered version of the song appearing on the "Les Explositionnistes" CD album.
The Book anthology has 135 pages (in english).
The cd compilation includes The Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lydia Lunch with Philippe Petit, Checkpoint 303, Kal Cahoone, Gintas K, Orbit Service, Anla Courtis, La Stpo, Jabe Radion Newton and Adi Newton / T.A.G.C., Zeitkratzer, Pietro Riparbelli/K11, Gjoll.
Full infos here.

March : the band records the track "La Vallée des Empreintes".
Johann Mazé is part of it as guest, with his trumpet.
This title will appear in our next full-new recording.

October : CD compilation "Mom" with one La Stpo track from our label beta-lactam ring records.
Other bands in this compilation include : Volcano the Bear, The Legendary Pink Dots, Un Festín Sagital, Orbit Service, Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles among others.
Full infos here.

July 23 : the split is 'record of the week' for the french online magazine Octopus !
Read the review here.

June 17 : very interesting reviews of the split can be read here :

May : our new album, a split record with the fantastic band Volcano The Bear, is now out on Beta-lactam Ring Records. It's called : "The Shy Volcanic Society At The Bear And Bird Parade".
More about it here.

May 19 : La Stpo has now a myspace page. la stpo myspace.

May 16 : The CD compilation entitled 'We all believe in Utopia' on the french label 'In Poly Sons' is now out. We have one track on it called "Le Minisme" (and not 'Minisme' as incorrectly titled on the cover).
Read more about it here.

May : La Stpo is now 25 ! We started in may 1984 ...
Sad news : Johann Mazé (trumpet) has decided to leave the band. However, when we record the new track "La Vallée des Empreintes", he'll be part of it.

April : the band is back from the tour. We played the first night in Augsburg. Sascha took pictures of the event, as well as some short videos which he's uploaded on YouTube (be warned : the sound is heavily distorted). The second night we were in the Jazz Cave of Hofheim am Taunus and played two sets of 45 minutes, with encore. This was again a great time. But most unfortunately, while on the road, we've been informed that the third gig in Bielefeld was cancelled due to an incredible german law : it is strictly forbidden to make music the day the christ died !!! Truly stupid indeed.
The set-list was : Avant, Idol, Colonies, Sadyhoqk, La Vallée des Empreintes, Le Femme Immortel, Lorsque, Le Minisme, Guayaki, Son Essentiel, Underground Woman, I Cuento Blumen. Encore : german version of 3 Expériences de Survie.

Concert in Augsburg, april 8 (Danke Sascha / Emerge / Dependenz)

April : the band will do a short tour of Germany.
8 : Augsburg
9 : Hofheim am Taunus / Jazzkeller Infos here
10 : Bielefeld / Bunker Ulmenwall Infos here

March 11 : We played live in our town, Rennes (F) at L'Antipode. Infos here. The set-list was : Avant, Le Minisme, Son Essentiel, Le Femme Immortel, La Vallée des Empreintes, Lorsque.

November 30 : The band is in the studio to record a new track called "Le Minisme". This more than 10 minute song will appear on a CD compilation of the french label In Poly Sons. In "Le Minisme" one can hear for the first time in a La Stpo song trombone (played by Guillaume). The mix took place on january 9,2009.

November 19 : A book (in french) has just been published ; it's called "l'underground musical en France". Full infos here. 325 pages dealing with all the underground and experimental french bands. La Stpo is of course in this book : pages 261-262.

October 6 : There is a fantastic set of 105 pictures from our parisian show at the Maison des Métallos in april 26, which can be viewed on the Traverses Website.
Traverses is a website as well as a printed magazine (in french) dedicated to new and prog musics. Highly recommended.

Sept 23 : Since the end of june, the band has a new member : Guillaume Dubreu. He's playing bass, cello and trombone.

June 14 : La Stpo was part of the Nodutgang festival in Bodo, Norway (just above the arctic circle). Three nights and days (midnight sun !) really cool, with JH Peron, KK Null and other great artists...
We had a fantastic audience !
You can find a free download album used to promote the festival at this address.

April 26 : we played at the festival L'étrange Musique in Paris (Maison des Métallos).
Among other invited artists were : DDAA, Ghedalia Tazartes
A french guy has made an audience recording of our set, and put it online with a nice comment. You can find it here.
Jean-Pierre Turmel of Sordide Sentimental, who runs the UBIK76 blog, wrote a great review of the show (in french). Read it here.

In november, the band did a wonderful tour in Germany : Bielefeld, Würzburg and Darmstadt.

In december, after a short tour in the Netherlands, the band has welcomed a new member : Johann Mazé on trumpet

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