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Label: Beta Lactam Ring Records
Catalog: bb11
Format: CD compilation
Released: october 2009

La Stpo track :

This is a benefit release to raise funds for the mother of Chris McBeth to assist in her fight against stomach cancer diagnosed in June 2009.
Our track is called 'Sarajevo Stepanakert' and is taken from the soon to be re-released remastered album "Les Explositionnistes". (This remastered version has never been heard until now).
Sarajevo is the headcity of Bosnia, which suffered from terrorist attacks and serbian snipers during the 1992-1995 war. Stepanakert is the armenian headcity of Nagorno-Karabagh, which suffered a severe war to free itself from azerbaidjan.

Other bands in this compilation include : Volcano the Bear, The Legendary Pink Dots, Un Festín Sagital, Orbit Service, Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles among others.