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Un Objet De Plaine

Label: Prikosnovénie (F)
Catalog: Miniature 14
Format : 3 tracks-cassette
Released: November 94

After having met Frédéric Chaplain, the owner of the french label Prikosnovénie, it was decided that his label would release a cassette in his then ongoing serie "miniature".
Frédéric chose between our self recorded tracks and mixed them.
Then, to our big satisfaction, he decided time was ready to make a real album, which appeared one year later as "les Explositionnistes".

tracks :
Le Portrait De Dora Maar
DadaMax Stellt Loplop Vor (version)

Dora Maar is the same track as the one on "Les Explositionnistes".
DadaMax was rerecorded for "Les Explositionnistes" ; this version is to be found on the "Le Combat Occulté" CD.
Equilibre disappeared until it re-emerged as part of "Le Combat Occulté".

front cover